Surviving rules for foreigners living in Italy

Leaving the country where you were born is a very difficult challenge to deal with: everything seems so different, people act in a way you really are not used to, even your everyday habits gradually start changing. Here you can find some useful advices  (or surviving rules) that will help you to assimilate into your new home-sweet-home.

Learn Italian language

This may seem obvious, but it is not. Striving yourself to learn Italian is truly appreciated from the local people: it is not necessary to speak it perfectly – not even lots of Italians know the grammar rules of their own language! – but you should try to express yourself by using Italian vocabulary. You are not required to forget your original language, but do not give into the temptation to overuse of it.

Make Italian friends

Do not withdraw yourself into your native community but, on the contrary, try to be open-minded and polite with Italian people. Let them know about your culture, your food and learn of your history: you will improve your language skills and make friends at the same time.

Watch Italian TV programs and read Italian newspapers

Try to camouflage with the place where you are living by watching Italian TV news and reading the most you can about Italian culture. it is very important to be aware of the social environment around you, besides you will practice your reading, listening and comprehension.

Visit lots of Italian museums

This is a very wise advice that should be given to lots of people, no matter what country they belong to. Italy has very fascinating history, food customs, works of art that it is worth to know: enjoy discovering them.

Do not forget who you are

Moving into another country does not mean forgetting your own identity: intercultural exchanges are very positive and enriching.

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